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The journalist is escorted to the castle's jail.

71 the castle jail

exploded kettle and the shortage of manforce

55 Shortage of manpower at the kettle.

the rat CEO ... Chief Executive Officer is ... executed !

33 Execution of the rat CEO

view of the castle. a soldier wearing armour rides a giant dragonfly

16 transition

how the visit of the energy mushroom mine ended.

11 mushroom mine: end of the visit

how energy mushrooms are shipped to the castle.

10 shipment of energy mushrooms

entering the energy mushroom mine

7 Down to the Energy Mushroom Mine !

the journalist arrives at the mushroom mine

5 the energy mushroom mine

the journalist arrives at the energy mushroom mine.

3 visit of the energy mushroom mine

how everything started. two men and a pig in a cave.

2 – intro (2)